The Night Photography – Get Nice Exposure At Night

Night Photography – Get Nice Exposure At Night

If you are fond of night photography, then you have landed on the right content. Photography as night is more rewarding than day one. Moreover, everything looks exotic and mesmerizing at night. Therefore, you don’t have to dig out an extraordinary location to click pictures. However, sometimes, getting excellent exposures at night is difficult. Thus, we are going to learn some professional tips on it. Let’s get started.

The Night Photography – Get Nice Exposure At Night
The Night Photography – Get Nice Exposure At Night

Night Photography – Work In manual Mode

The manual mood is best to use at night. In the first place, you need to set the shutter speed, ISO, and aperture. Furthermore, it let you control your camera settings while shooting. Moreover, the camera will be working slowly because of being on tripod mode. Besides this, you don’t have to utilize automatic Mode as manual Mode gives you full control over your camera. Yes, a little bit of trial and error will be needed because of different in dark and bright areas. But you will get the idea soon as to how to click pictures properly.

Be Comfortable With Bulb Mood

You will need bulb mode to overcome the limitations of manual Mode. In general, the manual mood only lasts for 30 seconds, and thus, for longer shutter speed, we need a bulb. Therefore, you need to utilize both bulb and manual Mode alternately. Moreover, bulb mode lets us open the shutter as long as we are holding the shutter button down. Once you release it, the shutter closes. Furthermore, it is better to use a remote shutter to avoid and movement or shake while shooting.

Night Photography – Shoot In raw

Shooting in raw format at night is essential; otherwise, you will end up with a lousy picture. Moreover, the raw file is of 14 bits, and thus, it offers a smooth transition between available colors. Besides this, shooting at night is difficult because of the limitation of available dark end colors. JPEG file, on the other hand, reduces color options and results in banding your pictures. Therefore, do utilize this tip and get perfect clicks at night.

Bring A Flashlight

Having is a camera is more than enough to shoot at night as it let you see everything in the dark. However, carrying a flashlight is still useful. Moreover, it let you see everything clearly on the tripod and camera. You can but a handy flashlight for photography purposes. Apart from this, it will be beneficial if you have someone to hold the flashlight while shooting.

Night Photography – Get Nice Exposure At Night
Night Photography – Get Nice Exposure At Night

Night Photography – Select Proper Setting

The proper setting isn’t always about the location, but it depends on the situation. Therefore, do make use of ISO, aperture, and shutter speed while shooting at night. Besides this, use every option of the camera menus to reduce long exposure noise. When you enable this option, the camera will have a shutter and normal exposure. Yes, enabling options to take more time to shoot, but they less noise as well.


The above tips about “night photography” help you with the challenges you will face at night. You can have some brilliant pictures if you know how to use a camera properly?

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