The Magic Of Infrared Photography -

The Magic Of Infrared Photography

The Magic Of Infrared Photography

Photography is a wide arena that includes many styles. While some of these styles are quite popular, some are being explored recently. Infrared photography is one such unique style that requires close attention to one or multiple subjects. Here are the details about it so that you can understand how it works.

What Is Infrared Photography

It is a photographic style that offers photographers to explore an all-new world. As its name suggests, it derives from the infrared light. In this style of photography, photographers use infrared-equipped film or cameras to portray objects from a different perspective. The IR light makes every object look different than it looks with our naked eyes. It also makes every minute detailing visible that we cannot see with naked eyes. Usually, the subjects for this style are tree, nature, snowflakes, sky, house, human skin to name a few. Hence, with all such qualities, this style has the potential to enable the photographers expanding into new arenas.

The Magic Of Infrared Photography
The Magic Of Infrared Photography

The Early Days

It began approximately in the early part of the 20th century. During WWII, this photography made a huge acclamation in capturing the war zone or the war-affected land. The reason for this is the IR spectrum, which eliminates the atmospheric haze as normal photos. Soon, observing key sights became easier with IR photographs. The camouflaged munitions factories, vegetation, buildings, and other potential targets could be visible in these photos.

Use Of DSLR In IR Photography

DSLRs can be converted for dedicated IR photographic purpose. Firstly, one needs to remove the IR blocking filter from the front of a DLSR sensor. Then, he/she needs to replace it with one that supports IR light to be passed through. Thirdly, the photographers can easily adjust the normal exposure values and shutter speeds. The experts suggest that on a sunny day from May through August, achieving shutter speeds of at least 1/125 is possible at f/8 and ISO 100 in this photographic style. Finally, the two tasks would be shifting the focus mode from AF to manual and capturing crisp photographs.

The Magic Of Infrared Photography
The Magic Of Infrared Photography

Ideal Lenses For IR Photography

One doesn’t need high-end lenses to capture these types of photographs. Hence, even if you have a premium lens that works the best in the visible spectrum, it may not deliver the same output in the world of IR. On the contrary, some low budget lenses can perform much better when turned into IR mode. Hence, the entire trick is upon the photographer. Finally, it is very important to check the LCD when you shoot IR. By checking the LCD, you need to ensure no flares are there into your photos.

Post Processing Of IR Photographs

Just like any other photographic styles, post-processing is the most crucial final step here. In IR photography, RAW files provide the utmost flexibility when you are post-processing an image. Some renowned applications like the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom can be used to edit these photographs.

Above are some essential facts about the magic of infrared photography. To know more about the different styles of photography, follow our website.

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