Tell A Captivating Story With Your Street Photo

Your street photo needs to be captivating.

One thing you need to do as a street photographer is to tell a captivating story. Your photo must have all the right elements. Moreover, it needs to showcase to your audience a story worth remembering. Photos that are taken without a captivating story tend to be bland and not worth much. But once you can tell a story by simply having a visual photo, you are on the right track. Telling a story is an age-old concept for human beings. Stories are what captivates people into seeing your world the way you want them to. Additionally, stories tend to live in peoples hearts and minds. These stories are then shared with future generations. In order to have a good photo, it must tell a story in order for it to live on for years to come.

Tell a captivating story with your street photos.
Tell a captivating story with your street photos.

Captivating Story Idea: Find Action And Motion

One way to tell a captivating story in your street photography is to capture people in motion. This means catching them in the act of doing something. These things they are doing can be as mundane as drinking a cup of coffee. What makes it interesting is their facial expressions and the background and foreground they are in. For example, someone could be drinking a cup of coffee in the middle of a business district. This shows how taking a break and relaxing amid the bustle is something to marvel at. Another example is someone flying a kite in the middle of the town square. This can be interpreted as flying above the rest, taking time to soak it all in from u high while everyone is busy on the ground. These visual stories are what will make your photo stand out from the rest.

Look for compelling action photo opportunities.
Look for compelling action photo opportunities.

Action Camera SJCAM SJ6 Legend

One way to capture motion and action is to use an action camera for your photography. The SJCAM SJ6 Legend action camera is a reliable device that allows you to capture action and motion around it. It features a very responsive screen, making it easy to use and quick to react. This way you will not have to worry about missing an important moment. This camera can also record videos in 4k quality. When you record videos you can take snapshots of the perfect moment and still it in a photo.

Captivating Story Idea: Look For Sore Thumbs

The age-old phrase “sticks out like a sore thumb” is what we mean by look for sore thumbs. This means looking for people and places that do not blend in with their surroundings. This could be a clown in the middle of the street or even a child in a business district. Looking for people and places that stand out from the scenery is one surefire way to tell a captivating story in your photography. It will make people wounded “what is it doing there”. This is where your story begins. Having people wonder why certain subjects or elements are in a certain area when they should not be, holds in your audience and keeps them wondering.

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