Street Photography Must Have, Carry-All Backpack

Bring these along to make sure you are prepared.

When it comes to street photography must-haves, it can be difficult to pick the equipment you will need. This is because the streets are unpredictable and you will want to be prepared for all manner of photo opportunities. With this, you will want to have all the necessary equipment with you so you do not miss a single opportunity. But what should you bring? Here are some items you should consider bringing along on your street photography walks so you do not miss a thing. Just a tip, always be prepared to take a wonderful shot and be on your toes.

It is best to have all the necessary equipment with you.
It is best to have all the necessary equipment with you.


Always have your trusty camera lens ready. Even if you do not think you will be needing them, it’s always best to have them around just in case. Keep in mind what you plan on shooting and make sure you have the correct lens for this. The best type of lens for street photography is a 35mm lens. This type of lens is great for all aspects such as portrait, landscape, cityscape and much more. Furthermore, its also a good idea to make sure that your lenses are pre-set-up. This will allow you to switch and focus quickly to get those fast-paced shots that come and go quickly.


If you plan on shooting one location for a long period of time, it best to set-up your tripod in the angle and perspective you want. Busy locations such as street café’s and restaurants have people coming and going constantly. This makes the perfect location for continuous photography. You can set up your tripod in one area and photograph the same scene. Additionally, though it’s the same scene, its always buzzing with life. The changing atmosphere as guests come and go makes for great story-telling and time-lapses. This shows how one location can change character throughout the day.

Tripods help you capture quick moments.
Tripods help you capture quick moments.

Camera Backpack: Waterproof DSLR Camera Backpack

When you need to bring lots of equipment to a location shoot, you will need something to carry all your items in. The waterproof DSLR camera backpack is the perfect item to do just that. This backpack comes equipped with safe and secure storage for your DSLR camera and its accessories, such as lenses, tripods, and spare batteries. The grid set-up is customizable allowing you to choose exactly how to fit your items in a snug manner. The waterproof DSLR camera backpack also comes with additional compartments to carry your laptop or other gadgets. It is highly durable and reliable, especially when out on location.


Another item you should carry along is a camera stabilizer. This really helps you when you are taking photos as it prevents shaking and therefore blurred photos. Moreover, stabilizers can also act as a sort of tripod allowing you to enhance your photography capability by making sure your photos are in top shape. This is done by increasing your probability of getting the shot you want even if it is fast-paced and gone in a second.