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Portrait Photography Posing Techniques

Portrait Photography Posing Techniques

If you are aspiring to become a master of portrait photography, you need to have a basic idea of the posing techniques and profiles. Every individual has some unique personality traits and this style of art explores it from a new perspective. Be it fashion shoot or candid, knowing the right profile will help you to capture stunning portraits every time you find your subject. Here are some casual posing techniques that you need to know for the upcoming shoot. These minute detailing of posing techniques will surely help you to capture excellent portraits.

Hair Position

Have you ever thought that a wrong hair position might ruin your capture? Depending upon the subject’s hair length, different types of portrait can be achieved. If your subject has beautiful long hair, you have many options to capture different portraits just based on the hair position. One thing you need to ensure here is that the hair position has to look natural.

Portrait Photography Posing Techniques
Portrait Photography Posing Techniques

Ears Forwarded

The position of the chin is very important in portraits. When your model stands in a relaxed position, you can notice a little flab underneath their chin. To get rid of this, you need to play a certain trick. If you ask your model to bring the chin forward, it may look artificial. Hence, you need to instead ask your model to bring the ears forward.

Arms Lifted

Most of your models will love to look slim and fit in their portraits. If they stand in a normal position with arms flat at the sides, it looks awkward. Suggest a posture with arms lifted and you will see the change. Not only slim, but your model will also look confident and comfortable.

Waist Position

Leaving a visual space by the waist makes a figure look more defined. This is important when you are doing fashion or beauty shoot. To have the desired profile, you can suggest your model stand with the arms lifted. Similarly, you can also choose a better photographic angle to get that defined posture.

Portrait Photography Posing Techniques
Portrait Photography Posing Techniques

Shoulder Position

When your models stand steadily in front of the camera, the shoulder looks bigger. This certain position may suit some profiles whereas it may not when it comes to fashion or beauty. Hence, ask your models to turn the shoulders slightly. Also, make sure the posture looks natural. What you will get as an output is a slimmer profile.

Eyes Profiles

This one is very important in portraits. When you want your models to look off the camera, fix an object behind you and ask them to focus on it. This way, you will get a more natural profile as you can control their eye line.

Nose Profiles

This one is not as complex as it seems. Just like the various eye profiles, nose profiles play an important role in capturing the right portrait. Especially, when you want to capture the face from an angle, you need your subject to quarter turn with both eyes in the frame. Here, the trick is that the nose tip shouldn’t cross the natural curve line of the face.

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