Physical Format Of A Photograph -

Physical Format Of A Photograph

Physical Format Of A Photograph

Today’s digital photography world has made printed photographs almost obsolete. In fact, it is going to be a lost art quite soon. In spite of these possibilities, there are people who are fond of physical photographs. Giving physical space to the memories is possible with the printed photos. Also, there are some photographers who are fond of printed images. They use Polaroid cameras to encourage the wonderful art of printing. Now, let us know about the physical format and sizes of photos. Knowing the physical format and the standard sizes will enable us to take a print out of any image using our own printer.

Physical Format Of A Photograph
Physical Format Of A Photograph


There are standard photo sizes for each style and let us begin with portrait. Some of the most popular portrait sizes are  –

8*10: This size is the largest common one. It is appropriate for printing posters and panoramas. One can also print this size to present canvases or large matted prints.

5*7: This one is a medium size. It comes with a higher aspect ratio than the 4*6 size. Hence, you can crop the photo to your personal specifications when printing this size.

4*6: The size measures more accurately 4inch*5 ⅞ inch. This size is the most common in the photofinishing industry. The main reason is that the size is exactly similar to the aspect ratio of most digital cameras viewfinder. This size makes a perfect option when you are framing it or making a card.


The print sizes are the same in landscapes as the portraits. When printing landscape, the aspect will be rotated as 10*8, 7*5 and 6*4.

Square Photograph Sizes

Printed square photographs give the effect of Polaroid-style images. If you want to take a print out for decoration purpose, small-sized photos are perfect. These photos will look exactly like the Polaroid print outs, making your desk or wall look dramatic. However, if you need a larger size, go for the medium range of sizes. If you want to make a poster or present a customized gift, opting for the largest sizes make a perfect choice. You can find a printing studio that offers most of the sizes mentioned below.







Physical Format Of A Photograph
Physical Format Of A Photograph

Largest Sizes For Wall Art

When you want the largest-sized print outs, the standard sizes are –








These sizes are perfect for making posters, wall arts or canvases. You can use these print outs to either decorate your house or gift to a friend. Here are some standard frame sizes that will fit these photos. Some standard frame sizes are  – 12*18, 14*22, 16*20 and 20*30.

Panoramic Print Sizes

For a beautiful landscape with a panoramic view, printing in the standard panoramic size is crucial. Panoramic images look wonderful as wall hangings or canvases. You can choose from a variety of backgrounds and layouts while printing. Some standard panoramic print sizes are –




Though the above sizes mentioned are the standard printing sizes, you can get a customized printing done based upon your own imagination.

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