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Mobile Camera Lens Photography Kit 10 In 1

Mobile Camera Lens Photography Kit 10 In 1
Mobile Camera Lens Photography Kit 10 In 1

With the help of mobile camera lens, you can improve the ability of your phone in taking pro like photos. You can show your skills in photography. This helps you to bring all your creativity in taking photos. Thus, this product is very useful and is beneficial in many ways. The lenses here are of 10 different kinds and thus, you have the option to choose according to your subject. You can click beautiful photos by choosing the right lens.

Hence, using this product, you can enjoy photography easily. With the help of these lenses, you can show your skills in clicking photos. Thus, the mobile camera lens has many perks; buying this product will be worth in many ways.

There are various lenses, such as:

  • Flow filter lens
  • Star filter lens
  • Radical filter lens

10 In 1 Camera Lens Kit

198-degree fisheye lens creates a full hemispherical or panoramic image. This type of glass captures a solid visual twisted image.

0.63x Wide Angle Lens allows you to capture more of the scene and space. Thus, this makes it more useful when you take indoor photography, landscapes, or subjects relating to the architect. The focal length of this lens is smaller than the normal ones.

15x Macro Lens enables you to take photos of small subjects like insects. It helps you to take close super-image. This lens makes the background blur and takes a picture of a tiny subject with great focus.

2x Telescope Lens allows you to take photos by zooming closer. Thus, this type of lens is great when you are traveling. You can take pictures of the wild animals by not getting closer to them. Hence, the lens is of great use. It helps you take pictures in a closer look at the views around you.

Circular Polarizer Lens, from reflected surfaces, reduces the glare. It has a glass attachment that is very helpful for you when you take photos. This type of lens is a filter lens.

Kaleidoscope Lens helps you to make image effect like in a kaleidoscope. Image taken with this lens looks like mini faces.

You can take more clear and lively photos with the help of these lenses. These lenses come with this kit. This kit also includes an adapter in it, and thus, you can easily fix the lenses with your phone camera. Hence, it makes the lenses safe. It comes with a pouch that helps you to store lenses. Thus, the pouch helps you to store the lenses safely and in an organized way. You can easily attach these lenses and use them in taking photos.

Product Features

  • This product is easy to attach to the phone.
  • The kit has 10 in 1 camera lens.
  • It also includes a pouch; thus, you can store the lenses safely without a fear of dropping them.
  • This product has different types of lenses such as star filter lens and 198-degree fisheye lens.
  • It is easy to use and attach.
  • Gives you more clear and lively photos.
  • These lenses improve the ability of your phone camera of taking photos.
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