How To Plan Your Wedding Photography -

How To Plan Your Wedding Photography

How To Plan Your Wedding Photography

When you have finally found your soulmate and ready for tying the knot, you must have piled-up work before the ceremony. Planning your wedding photography is one such responsibility that may seem difficult at first. No worries as we show you how to do it. Here are some easy steps to follow.

Choosing The Photographer

This is the initial step. There are many professional photographers dedicated to wedding photography. You can follow their websites to explore their styles and technicalities. While choosing among many, you need to find out certain qualities like professionalism, transparency and budget.

Fixing A Meeting

This one makes the second step. Once you select your photographers, get in touch with them and fix a suitable date for the meeting. Some points you need to discuss are the packages, the timings, the pre and post-wedding shoot dates, the costumes, the venues etc. Also, ask the photographers if they have any suggestions or preferences.

How To Plan Your Wedding Photography
How To Plan Your Wedding Photography

Choosing A Suitable Package

The third step may seem complex at first. No worries as once you meet your photographers, they will explain the packages to you. Go through again and again and don’t hesitate to clarify your queries. Usually, the packages vary depending upon the work hour, the album quality, the film, the conveyance and many more factors. You may choose a simple package including your wedding ceremony, album and film. Or you can opt for a premium package that includes pre and post-wedding along with the engagement ceremony.

Pre Wedding/ Engagement Shoot

By discussing with the photographer, you need to fix a date for your pre-wedding shoot. Secondly, you need to book the photographer on your engagement day. Some points to discuss the pre-wedding shoot are costumes, venue, timing and conveyance. You can either plan a destination pre-wedding shoot or you can also opt for a simple one in some nearest locations.

How To Plan Your Wedding Photography
How To Plan Your Wedding Photography

Different Types Of Photos On The D Day

The trick to getting excellent photography done on your D Day is to explain clearly all your requirements. Usually, wedding photography includes formal photos, group photos, portraits, couple photos and candid photos. If you want all your guests to be framed nicely, you need to introduce your photographer to them.

Post-Wedding Shoot

Though this one is optional, the post-wedding shoot is a very popular concept today. If you opt for it, you need to plan for it in advance. Discuss with the photographer and make sure it is included in their package. Just like the pre-wedding shoot, this one also should be planned based on the location, timings, costume and other requirements. You can also ask your photographer to suggest some locations.

Choosing An Album

This is the final step. Depending upon the photographers and the packages offered, you get to select your wedding album. You can either select it on the day of your first meeting or during your post-wedding shoot.

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