How To Add Life To Black Photo -

How To Add Life To Black Photo

How To Add Life To Black Photo

Many photographers are fascinated with black and white mode whereas some with color. However, both modes are important in the wide spectrum of photography. Every style of photography demand a new perspective and quite often, black and white fulfill it. Now, let us know some useful tricks that can make you black and white photo more alive.

Playing With Contrast, Shapes And Texture

Color photography represents an image just as the way we see it. On the contrary, monochrome eliminates distracting colors by turning them into different shades of grey. Hence, while capturing shapes, lines and texture, monochrome makes an ideal mode. One can play with contrast wonderfully using the black and white mode of photography.

How To Add Life To Black Photo
How To Add Life To Black Photo

Exploring The Magic Of Long Exposure

If moving water or clouds are very prominent in a frame, trying long exposure makes a brilliant technique. For example, capturing such images with long exposure highlights the texture detailing. As a result, the long contrast becomes enhanced in the photographs. To extend the shutter speed and reduce texture, one can use a neutral density filter.

Capturing RAW And JPEG

Editing RAW files is a common technique in the process of black and white photography. Using this technique, one can have full information about the color scheme. On the contrary, shooting raw and JPEG files simultaneously can be a better technique sometimes. One can get the indication of how the image will look in black and white by setting the camera to its monochrome Picture Control mode.

Using Filters In Black Photo

Perhaps, the most useful techniques are polarizing filters and graduated neutral density. These can manipulate the image contrast in the best possible way. Polarizing filters are useful when one tries to boost contrast and reduce reflections. Also, retaining detail in a bright sky is possible with graduated neutral density. Creating a high dynamic range is possible if one tries multiple shots with different exposures.

How To Add Life To Black Photo
How To Add Life To Black Photo

Editing Tricks

Some photographers prefer colored filters to manipulate contrast in black and white images. However, a more common practice is to save the work until the editing stage. Even a few years back, Photoshop’s Channel Mixer was the most popular editing software in turning color images to black photos. Today, there are many options that one can try. Among many, Adobe Camera Raw is the most popular one. It is configured with ample features like the HSL/Grayscale tab. The best part of this software is that it allows the editor to adjust the brightness of eight individual colors in each image.

Dodge And Burn

This is a classic technique to brighten shadows and darken highlights in a black photo. The practice of this technique is very common in traditional darkroom process. One can easily use the dodge tool to increase local contrast in a photograph. Similarly, one can access the burn tool in the same image to darken the bright highlights. Enhancing texture in an image using these techniques leads to a sharp image. Thanks to the advanced technology, these techniques are now easily accessible.

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