Commonly Asked Questions About Street Photography

Commonly Asked Questions About Street Photography

Street photography is a spontaneous form that portrays the society from the photographer’s point of view. This form first came into light with the works of Vivian Dorothy Maier, an American photographer. The statics and dynamics in our day to day lives are the inspiration of this style. Hence, it is also called candid photography. Now, let us know the answers of the commonly asked questions about this form of art.

As A Beginner, How Do I Start Practicing Street Photography?

If you want to start it, get over your fear first. Feel confident and go out to meet new people. When you are in your desired location, pick a particular spot where people will pass by. To look inconspicuous, pretend that you are a tourist capturing the background.

Commonly Asked Questions About Street PhotographyCommonly Asked Questions About Street Photography
Commonly Asked Questions About Street Photography

What is the purpose of it?

It is the same as the purpose of any art. Creating a new perspective or changing the way we see the world is its sole purpose. If not changing the way, portraying the true emotions and feelings through a candid photograph is its purpose.

Why Is Street Photography Black And White?

You don’t need to stick to such rules at the beginning. However, many photographers prefer black and white over the color for various reasons. Sometimes, it helps them to focus attention on the human element.

Do You Need Permission For Street Photography?

Shooting in a public space requires no such precaution. For instance, if you are practicing in a street or a park, you do not need permission for it. In certain places, you might need prior permission by the authority.

Which Is The Most Suitable Lens For It?

You need to choose a wide lens with a small body. Some of the best prime lenses would be Canon EF 50 mm, Nikon 50 mm, Canon EF 135 mm and Sigma 35 mm.

Who Discovered Street Photography?

Henri Cartier-Bresson, a famous French photographer started this style of photography. Photojournalism is the field that he focused upon.

Do I Need A Model Release?

You don’t need a release when you are shooting in a public space. Still, it is appreciated if you are ready with a model release.

Commonly Asked Questions About Street Photography
Commonly Asked Questions About Street Photography

Why Is Black And White Photography Better Than Color?

It is all about perspective. Many photographers prefer black and white whereas some choose the color. Yet, there are certain aspects when a photographer needs to opt for black and white instead of color. It depends upon the lighting, textures, and lines in the image.

What Would Be Some Tips For Night Street Photography?

There are some tips that can help you capture stunning images at night in the street. Firstly, use lower ISO’s or shutter speeds. You can use an ISO of 200-400 when capturing motion on aperture-dependent mode or automatic mode. When using the shutter-priority mode, opt for 1/10th of a second or a slower speed.

How Do Street Photographers Pose?

Some signature postures the photographers make are – cross one leg over the other looking back over the shoulder, tilting head to one side, etc. When you practice this style regularly, you can choose your own comfortable pose.

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