7 Quick Photography Tips For Beginners

7 Quick Photography Tips For Beginners

Photography is loved by many either as a hobby or profession. The idea of capturing interesting scenarios is absolutely beautiful. If you are new to photography, you don’t have to learn this art from an experienced photographer. Some quick photography tips can help you get started right away.

Expose And Focus Before Framing

It is good to expose and focus your subject before you adjust the frame. This is extremely crucial when you capture in low-lighting conditions. If done right, you will require less of all that editing and post-processing.

7 Quick Photography Tips For Beginners
7 Quick Photography Tips For Beginners

Pay Attention To Settings

As there are several camera settings, it can get tricky for beginners to take perfect shots. Practice with the camera modes to see which settings work best in which conditions and then switch to full auto. Get to know how ISO, shutter speed, and aperture works and experiment a lot with these settings.

Focus On The Eyes 

Eyes serve as a natural focal point, and it is important to focus on them when taking pictures of living creatures such as humans. So, make sure to focus on the eyes when taking portrait shots. To capture sharp eye shots, make sure to use the right shutter speed. You can also use the back button focus through the “AF-ON” button.  

Get A Tripod

If your hands shake a lot or you feel nervous during your first professional photo shoot, try getting a tripod. A good quality tripod will offer you the stability you are looking for. Use the timer function of the camera for better results.

Practice Frequently

Practicing is sure to improve your photography skills with time. Try to shoot every single day and capture different subjects in different lighting conditions. If you make errors, learn how to correct them, and keep shooting until you get the perfect shot. Also, shoot the subjects with multiple settings. If you want to learn quick photography tips, we recommend searching for a photography guide on the internet to learn the basics. Remember, the more you experiment, the better your photography skills will become.

Use A Wide Aperture To Shoot Portrait Shots

Make your subject pop as you take portrait shots by using a wide aperture. Keep the aperture size between f/2.8 and f/5.6 to get rid of distracting backgrounds. This will make the background blurred, and your subject will stand out. Don’t be afraid to try wider apertures than these. However, you need to keep the subject eyes sharp while using wider apertures.

Easy & Effective Photography Tips
7 Quick Photography Tips For Beginners

Consider The Lighting

Light is one key to achieve perfect shots. If you know how to use lighting and how it can affect your shots, you can be a good photographer in no time. Learn how to adjust the light between the subject and its background. Consider the softness of the light, as well as its direction before capturing. Move the light source or your subject if the light is not appropriate or if it comes from an unflattering angle.

Keep these quick photography tips in mind to get amazing shots every time!

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