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15 Types Of Professional Photographer Genres

The world of photography is dynamic. You will find a wide variety of genres. When you are starting your career as a professional photographer, it might be difficult to know each. Also, choosing the same is more difficult. Yet, if you make a further choice, you may feel switching your genre after some time. Keeping all these aspects in mind, here are the 15 styles of professional photographer genres. These are explained so you can come up with the best choice. The experts finely selected these professional photographer genres.

15 Types Of Professional Photographer Genres
15 Types Of Professional Photographer Genres

Professional Photographer Genres: The Popular Ones

Event Photography

This one has a vast number of prospects for budding photographers. Secondly, ranging from music concerts to corporate events, you will have plenty of options to photograph. Thirdly, the style may vary from candid to group and portraits.

Wedding Photography

Within event photography, wedding photography has emerged as a particular genre for many reasons. This one is fast-paced, where the photographers need to be on their toes. Also, they try to bring out the best moments from the ceremony.

Product Photography

The products we shop need to get photographed. It gives an excellent opportunity for professional photographers. Secondly, the variety of products differs in this one. As a result, the style and settings may change. Food and jewelry are two popular products.

Fashion Photography

It is one of the most glamorous jobs that require good aesthetic sense. New York, Paris, and Milan are the hub of this genre. Also, substantial fashion photography is happening everywhere around the globe. As teamwork, this genre requires good team spirit.

Fine Art Photography

It is a genre that represents the photographer’s perception of a subject. Though we base it on specific grammar, it follows no rules as such. A fine art photographer exhibits the creations as art pieces in art galleries, often sold or auctioned to the admirers.

Portrait Photography

Photographing the subject’s personality is impressive. Secondly, portrait photography gives you the scope to try it. Thirdly, this genre is one of the most common professional photographer types, and retail business is the best market for it.

15 Types Of Professional Photographer Genres
15 Types of Professional Photographer Genres

More To Explore

Travel Photography

Photographing the nature, culture, and spirit of a location is an art named as travel photography. As a result, this genre gives photographers an opportunity to explore the world. With their lenses, they bring out something extra-ordinary.

Lifestyle Photography

Also known as advertising photography, this genre includes a range of subjects like street, lifestyle, fashion, and product.

Pet Photography

Capturing adorable pets is a specific genre. Secondly, it requires good portrait skills, a friendly nature, and a lot of patience.


One can pursue a career as a photojournalist. Moreover, it needs photographing for magazines, newspapers, and online publications.

Architectural Photography

The architectures require building photographs for professional purposes. Hence, they hire professional photographers for it.

Sports Photography

It is a separate genre from the others. Hence, it requires high-end gadgets to capture the movements of a sport with accuracy.

Aerial photography

It is a newly emerged profession. Also, it lets the photographers capture a landscape from an aerial view.

Stock Photography

It is an exciting genre which requires versatility. In this one, the photographers make image categories. By doing so, they sell the rights to use their images.

Scientific Photography

Scientific and medical research companies document new discoveries. As a result, they hire professional photographers.

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