10 Types Of Photography: Which Niche Is Right?

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As a budding photographer, you have a whole lot of genres to explore. Before choosing and finalizing your niche, you must make it a point to try out every possible genre. For that, it is important to know about the 10 types of photography that are popular in the present times. 

Portrait Photography

It is the most popular type of photography. Portrait photography is also known as candid photography. Here, the personality of a person is captured by using different poses. Portrait photography mostly captures supermodels or celebrities. 

10 Types Of Photography: Which Niche Is Right?
10 Types Of Photography: Which Niche Is Right?

Landscape Photography 

You are a nature lover; this niche is for you. Landscape photography has an appeal of its own. Nature is recreated with more precision and charm through the lens of the camera. 

Still, Life Photography is marketing photography that involves capturing different products for magazines, pamphlets, billboards, etc. 

Food Photography

The name suggests food photography is all about capturing a variety of foods to make them look more appealing. A professional food photographer can make the flavors of food come alive in your taste buds through the photos. 

Sports Photography 

Photography requires a lot of professionalism. You need to use lenses with high precision that are capable of zooming into the action with speed and clarity. 

Wildlife Photography 

Photography is a daring and challenging niche. Capturing wild animals roaming about in the forest or inaction is a challenging task. It is, however, full of adventure and fun. 

Event Photography 

Of the most popular niches in photography is event photography. It includes capturing special moments like weddings, birthdays, concerts, even corporate meetings. You need to focus on the candid moments, decorations, people, and food amongst the many things in the events. 

Fashion Photography 

Photography is filled with glamour and fame. It features fashion shows, celebrities or supermodels. You need to focus on their clothes, shoes, or accessories for the purpose of marketing. To be a professional fashion photographer, you also have to enhance your skills of editing and lighting set up. 

10 Types Of Photography: Which Niche Is Right?

Baby Photography 

Photography may seem to be an easy task, but in reality, it is not true. Babies are tender and unpredictable. So, capturing their appealing moods and moments need a lot of patience. But the hard work at the end of the day is rewarding and overwhelming at the same time. 

Street Photography 

Photography is an unusual yet exciting niche. This genre includes capturing unplanned moments of life. There is no fixed theme here. You are free to let your creative mind play with the camera. 

Which Niche To Choose?

Start finding your choice out of these types of photography. By doing so, you can identify your interests to pursue in the future. If you wish to take up photography as a profession, choosing one amongst the many genres is very important. You should be known for excelling in one genre in order to survive in the competitive market of photography. 

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